Sunday Church School


Contact: Tula Pappas and Thalia Colompos, Directors, or Fr. Tom  at 708-974-3400.

Enrollment: Pre-School to 12th grade – 3 years of age by October 1st of enrollment year. Classes are held: September through June. Faculty and staff attend seminars sponsored by the Metropolis of Chicago.

Tuition: $35.00 per student.

Purpose: To cultivate within our children the Orthodox Christian way of life.

Activities: Each class has special projects, however the entire school participates in the Oratorical/Sights & Sounds Festival; Dedication Day, Community Breakfast at Easter and Christmas; and many other programs throughout the year. Registration occurs following the Divine Services on Sundays of September and continues throughout the school year.  Sunday Church School is the organizing head of the St. Tatiana’s Handmaidens Program