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Dear Parish Family,

We joyously celebrate a New Year!  A New Beginning!  This is a great opportunity for all of us to start fresh and seek those dreams that we have always wished and hoped for.  In the year 2017, through prayer and hard work we will see them come to reality.

The parish of Saints Constantine and Helen and our beloved Koraes School, has celebrated many New Years, many Namesdays, many Easters, and so many special events in the lives of its faithful who are always the center attraction and focus, under the Divine Care and protection of our Lord and the Patron Saints who have been entrusted by Him to guide our steps.  During our century of existence, over and over again, dreams have been dreamed and joyfully realized under the Dome of our Church.

Generations of families have memories written in their hearts the happy and spiritually edifying moments from the multitudes of sacraments of Baptisms and Weddings, through the desks and halls of our Koraes Day, Afternoon and Sunday Church Schools, and the many social and athletic programs for all ages.  Through the years, together we have worked hard to make the dreams become real, time and time again.

2017 is here!  Let us make the Parish Dreams of this New Year a Reality!  We all have dreams for our Parish and the only way it can happen is by doing it together.  As a Parish Family, I pray and I ask that we, all of us,  please find a way to do our best to make a commitment to our Parish through the Stewardship 2017 campaign.


With love in Christ,

Fr. Tom De Medeiros



Projected Expenses and Revenues for Sts. Constantine and Helen 2017

(These figures reflect regular expenses and revenues)

        Expenses                       Annually                       Weekly                            Daily

Building and Grounds $276,000 $5,307 $758


Ministries $30,000 $577 $82
Archdiocese Commitment $137,000 $2,635 $376


Administration $450,000 $8,654 $1,236
Fundraising $68,000 $1,308 $187
Total Projected 2017 Expenses $961,000 $18,481 $2,640


       Revenues                      Annually                       Weekly                            Daily

Special Appeals $40,000 $769 $109
Tray, Candles and Pangari $127,000 $2,442 $349
Fundraising $170,000 $3,269 $467
Donations $40,000 $769 $109
Investments and Endowment $25,000 $480 $69
Ministries $30,000 $577 $82
Stewardship  $511,000 * $9,826 $1,404
Total Projected 2017 Revenues $943,000 $18,135 $2,591
2017 Projected Deficit $18,000 $346 $49


Average Stewardship Goal based on 700 stewards:     $730



Stewardship is our returning to God a portion of our time, talents and treasures.  Stewardship places the responsibility to support the Church exactly where it belongs, on us.  Stewardship allows our parish to maintain and grow its vital ministries.  Stewardship is a spiritual offering that appeals to our generosity.

By completing and submitting the enclosed commitment form, you will be recognized as a committed steward of our parish for the 2017 Stewardship year.  Committed Stewardship is a foundational requirement to participate in the ministries of the parish.

To assist us in planning and for fulfilling expenses, we encourage you to make your stewardship commitment early in the year.



Our parish is committed to an open stewardship program, without minimums or dues. Our goal is for stewardship to fulfill all the financial needs of our parish and its ministries, which based on 700 parish families, translates to an average of approximately $730 per steward family.

The following chart is provided to assist you when considering how much to pledge:


Annual Commitment Daily Weekly Monthly
$    365.00 $1.00 $  7.00 $  30.41
$    500.00 $1.37 $  9.62 $  41.67
$    730.00 $2.00 $14.04 $  60.83
$ 1,095.00 $3.00 $21.05 $  91.25
$ 1,500.00 $4.11 $28.85 $ 125.00


Let’s do our best for our Parish… It’s easy!!

A recurring gift of $60/month per steward

breaks down to only $2/day.

This is about the price of a cup of coffee.

Sign up for monthly giving at



For a One-Time Gift:

Online Giving:  Via Paypal or Easy Tithe;  go to

In Person:          Stop into the Church Office and you may pay by Cash, Check or Credit Card

Kiosk located in the Lobby of the Church complex and pay by Credit Card

By mail:               Mail your check or credit information to the Church office (do not mail cash!)

By phone:           Call (708) 974-3400 and provide the necessary information


For a Recurring Gift:

Online Giving:      Set up recurring contributions via Paypal or Easy Tithe; go to;

(Options include monthly intervals and selection of days of giving)



Our time and talent are all blessings from God.  To be a good steward is to be willing to offer our time and talents to the needs of the church, just as we offer our treasure.  Our parish always has needs which requires the service of those who we serve.  Our ministries need leaders, our education programs need teachers and support staff, fundraising and philanthropic efforts require helpers and we are always seeking assistance in maintaining our facilities, ministries and programs.  The life and success of the parish relies on everyone’s commitment and participation to the many activities that we offer.


Please click on a link below to make a donation or pay your stewardship online using a credit card, bank account or Paypal.  Good news, you can set up your donation to be recurring on a monthly basis if this is easier for you. Thanks for helping the Parish.

1) Click here to pay with Paypal  (online giving system allowing payment with Credit Cards, Bank Account or Paypal Balance.  Recurring giving available – No login or account required) (Powered by PayPal)

2) Click here to pay with Easy Link  (online giving system allowing payment with Credit Cards or  Bank Account.  Recurring giving available – No login or account required) (Powered by Easy Tithe)