Youth Programs

J.O.Y. – Junior Orthodox Youth Contact: Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400   Membership open to:  7th Grade and under   Activities: “J.O.Y. Activity Nites”, includes workshops; crafts; singing; fun!

G.O.Y.A. – Greek Orthodox Youth of America   Contact: Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400   Membership open to:  8th – 12th Grades.   Purpose: Uniting teenagers together in fellowship within the spiritual and social environment of the Church and to increase their knowledge of the Orthodox Christian way of life.   Activities: G.O.Y.A. is the umbrella organization for all of our teen youth programs. Typical activities include the annual ski trip, dances, bonfire, movie nights, theme nights and service projects

CAMPUS MINISTRY   Contact:  Fr. Tom at (708) 974-3400   Purpose: To keep in contact with our Young Adults in College and to connect them with local Orthodox Christian Fellowship chapters (OCF) on the colleges they attend.  For more information, please visit the National OCF

COME TOGETHER    Contact:  Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400 Membership open to: Adults 18-35 years old.   Purpose:  “Come Together” is a new program designed to bring together old friends, find new friends, and relive and create memories, all under the dome of our beloved Parish.  There are so many people with fond moments from JOY, GOAL, and GOYA programs throughout the years and the activities of this group will embrace those moments and hopefully create new ones.