Educational Programs

ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES    Contact:  Fr. Tom, 708-974-3400.    Participation open to: All adults and young adults are invited to attend.    Classes are held:   Morning Classes in English on Thursdays.  Evening Classes in Greek on Wednesdays.    Purpose: To join together in fellowship for Bible Study and Catechism    Activities: The Bible Study groups sponsor bus trips to different Vespers services throughout the Metropolis of Chicago, as well as, Paraklesis services on Wednesdays and other prayer services during lenten periods of Christmas and Easter. Also the Greek Bible class sponsors lenten bake sales during the year with proceeds going to needy families

“ROAD TO ORTHODOXY” INQUIRER/CONVERT CLASS    Contact:  Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400.    Participation open to: Those interested in converting to Orthodoxy and parishioners interested in furthering their knowledge of the Orthodox faith.    Meetings are held: Series of classes conducted in groups, scheduled upon need.    Purpose: To prepare a Candidate for conversion to the Orthodox faith and to further enhance the spirituality of our parishioners.    Activities: An introduction to the Orthodox faith through presentations, readings, video presentations, and discussions along with a church tour

“JOURNEY TO ONENESS” PRE-MARITAL SEMINAR Contact: Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400. Participation: Required for all couples planning to be married at our church.   Purpose: To prepare couples for marriage in the Orthodox Church.    Activity: Seminars consist of an explanation of various aspects of married life together with a questionnaire that the couple works on together. Emphasis is on making the Lord Jesus Christ the third party of their relationship.

GODPARENT SEMINAR    Contact: Fr. Tom at  708-974-3400.    Participation open to: Required of all prospective Godparents, parents are invited also.    Purpose: This seminar helps prepare the prospective godparents and parents for the upcoming Baptism, by providing an explanation of the basics of the Orthodox faith and the theology of Baptism. The seminar gives an explanation of infant baptism, the biblical significance of baptism, and the symbolism of the service. Also, at this time, an explanation of items needed for the baptism is offered