Church Service Support Groups

ALTAR BOY GUILD     Contact:  Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400.    Membership open to: 7th-12th Grade boys.    Meetings are held: Periodically throughout the year held at church.    Purpose: Care and service to the Holy Altar and Church.

CHANTERS    Contact:   Menas Katsamakis at 708-974-3400.    Participation open to: All those who desire to learn.    Purpose: To offer praises to God through Byzantine hymnology.

ST. TATIANA’S HANDMAIDENS    Contact: Deanne Savide or Maryann Ganzer at 708-974-3400   Participation open to: 5th – 8th Grade girls.    Meetings are held:  Monthly workshops at Church.    Purpose: Care and service to God’s house.  Greet worshippers and distribute worship guides.

YOUTH CHOIR    Contact: Gloria Guido, director or Fr. Tom at 708-974-3400.    Membership open to: Kindergarten to High School.    Practices are held:  Wednesdays at 3:30 pm.    Purpose: To learn the hymnology of the Church and basic understanding of the Liturgy.  Traditionally sings responses for the Divine Liturgy once a month; Christmas Eve Liturgy; Three Hierarchs Vespers; and two Presanctified Liturgies.

SENIOR CHOIR    Contact: Merri Fefles, director at 708-448-3348.    Membership open to: 16 years old and over.    Purpose: Sing the praises of the Lord. To enhance the beauty of the Liturgy.